Spa Pool Sanitation

Spa pool water quickly becomes contaminated in two ways: from those who use the pool and from external sources.

Bathers introduce dirt, skin flakes, sweat, micro-organisms, body fats, oils from lotions or creams, mucus and nasal exudate. In a single session, a person may shed something like 3 million bacteria and 0.5 grams of organic dirt. External contamination comes from spillage of food and drink, wind-blown dirt, leaves and grass clippings if the pool is outside, or leaves and soil from pot plants around an indoor pool.

Micro-organisms introduced to the pool from any one of these sources are likely to multiply rapidly because of the warmth, movement and aeration of spa pool water. In addition to this, the closeness of bathers and the high ratio of bathers to water volume places heavy demands on spa pool cleaning systems. In a spa pool of 2000 litres, four bathers each have 500 litres of water. To achieve the same concentration in a home swimming pool of 36000 litres, there would need to be just over 70 swimmers.

Attention to hygiene and daily use of an efficient sanitiser are therefore essential if the spa pool is to be a sparkling, clean, healthy and relaxing place to be in.

Bluewater Chlorine

For Newly Filled Spa Pools

1. Start filter pump.

2. Superchlorinate using Bluewater Stabilised Pool and Spa Chlorine at the rate of 50g per 2000 litres. Broadcast the granules directly into the spa pool.

3. Check and adjust Bluewater pH Buffer to 150ppm.

4. Check water hardness and adjust to 100ppm.

5. Check and adjust pH to about 7.6 (range 7.2-7.8).

6. After 1 hour, check pH again and adjust if necessary.

7. Leave filter running. Check chlorine level after 1 hour. When chlorine level has dropped to 3ppm the pool is ready to use.

Daily Treatment

The Normal Routine for Spa Pools

1. Test chlorine level.

2. Turn on filter 2 hours before use.

3. About 1 hour before use, add Bluewater Stabilised Pool and Spa Chlorine at the rate of 10g per 2000 litres to maintain a level of 3ppm. Broadcast directly into the spa pool.

4. Immediately after use, add a similar dose of Bluewater Stabilised Pool and Spa Chlorine.

5. Leave filter running for several hours after use.

Weekly Treatment

1. Check pH and adjust if necessary.

2. Shock dose by adding 30g of Bluewater Pool and Spa Chlorine per 2000 litres of water. Broadcast directly into the pool.

3. Check chlorine level and when it has dropped to 3ppm, the spa pool is ready for use.

Spa Pool Cleaning

To keep the spa pool healthy and to ensure the sanitiser works effectively, the pool must be kept physically clean.

Daily attention must be given to keeping the pool surrounds clean and to removing leaves, hair and other obvious contaminants from the spa pool and the skimmer.

Changing Water

Water in spa pools should be changed regularly. Depending on the amount of use, this will be necessary every 1-3 months. When changing water, follow the manufacturer's instructions.

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Hazardous Substance Emergencies

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