Pool Filtration

One of the most important factors in spa and pool hygiene is the filter. A good, well-maintained filter will remove much of the dust, dirt, skin flakes and other nitrogenous pollutants that encourage the multiplication of micro organisms.

Make sure the filter fitted to the pool is adequate for the bather load and the size of the pool. For spa pools used regularly throughout the day, continuous filtration is advised. It is false economy to think that money is saved by limiting filtration time.

For outdoor private pools, the pump and filter capacity should be large enough to turn over twice each day the complete volume of water.

As a rule of thumb, for a pool in regular use during the summer, the filtration system should operate at least 1 hour per day per 4000 litres.

Filters should be cleaned once a week or whenever the pressure gauge shows that pressure is rising. Sand filters should be backwashed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Cartridge filters must be removed and cleaned by hosing down or by cleaning with a proprietary cleaner to remove fats and oils.

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Hazardous Substance Emergencies

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Four Bluewater Systems

Bluewater sanitizers come in four practical systems to cover individual pool owner’s needs, plus a pool stabiliser. Find the system which is right for you.

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The Secret of Perfect Water

It is important to make sure that your water is perfectly balanced. Water balance is the interaction of pH, pH buffer (total alkalinity) and water hardness.

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